Another Example

We all want to go to heaven, but for some, the life we lead may have left the final outcome just a bit hazy.

There once was this guy who died. I won’t divulge his name here as most of you know who I am. …… Anyway, He had been a fairly decent guy but had missed the “good guy” mark a tad and he just recently died. He arrives in heaven where there is a line waiting to get into the Pearly Gates. St. Peter has a helper who has been assigned to welcome all newcomers to heaven, take down their names, look them up in the Book of Life, and give them a ticket. The tickets are to designate each ticket holder “good” or “bad”.

St. Peter is collecting the tickets. The bad person, goes through the door on the left (Hell), The good person gets to pass through the Pearly Gates” into heaven. This guy gets his ticket but still doesn’t know which door he will be told to go through. He finally reaches the head of the line and hands St. Peter his ticket. St. Peter looks at the ticket and tells him that his ticket looks troublesome.

St. Peter tells him that Jesus desires the salvation of all people, but we have to cooperate with God’s grace. Therefore, according to our cooperation with the Lord or lack thereof, we write our own ticket. So, each of us actually decides which door we will be allowed to pass through.

St. Peter then opens the guy’s ticket, and it spells the word HELL. St. Peter reminds him that Jesus is sad, because He had a place for the bad person, but it is we who choose our destiny by the kind of life we choose to lead. The guy says ….

“Look St. Peter — this is my ticket. I did earn it and I know there appears to be problems with letting me through the Gates of Heaven, and I probably do deserve the door on the left, but there is something you need to know about me.”

“What would that be? ” St. Peter asked
“My wife’s name is Barbara,” He replied

St. Peter paused and looked up “Barbara _ _ _ _ _ _ _” in the Book Of Life. He stared at the book then at the guy and then back to the book.

With a smile St. Peter welcomed the guy to heaven telling him …. “Your wife is so good that we are letting you into heaven on her ticket”

The lesson here is that we have only one ticket — only one life. Don’t waste your life thinking that you can live a wayward life now and “someday” turn around. Don’t gamble with the one life you have. The way we cooperate or not with God’s grace will lead us to our destiny. You only have one life — and not everyone can be married to Barbara.

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