We welcome you in the Name of Jesus Christ!

We’re glad you’re here! We are pleased that you are interested in exploring our faith community. Saint Matthias is located in Shreveport, Louisiana. Our parish has provided inspiration for the life of our city for more than 50 years.


Saint Matthias is a vibrant, inclusive Christian community

We come from many places and journey at different paces, but we are all seeking a deeper life in Christ. We don’t have all the answers, but we do ask very good questions!



What should I wear?

People wear a variety of clothing styles to Saint Matthias services. Anything from jeans to suits and ties blend right in. Wear what works for you. We’re glad to have you with us!

Where do I sit?

Please sit in whatever part of the church you feel most comfortable. There’s no reserved seating here!

What’s with all the getting up and down?

Our service does involve a fair amount of movement. Through history there have been a variety of prayer postures–kneeling, sitting, standing, etc.–and in the service there will be times for all these postures. But you should feel entirely free to participate as you choose. If standing is more comfortable then kneeling, then please stand! Likewise, if you would prefer to sit, then sit.

What is your worship format?

You will be greeted at the front door and given a bulletin which has everything you need to follow the service except for the hymns, which are in the hymnals in the racks directly in front of you. The first part of the service is the “liturgy of the word” which includes readings from the scriptures, followed by a short sermon and various prayers for the church and for the world. In the second part of the service, the “liturgy of the table,” we participate in the Lord’s Supper through prayer and sharing in communion.

Who is allowed to share in communion?

This is the Lord’s Table. All are invited to receive communion regardless of denomination or age. You may receive the consecrated bread in your open hand (or on the tongue). You may eat the bread or leave it in your hand to have it dipped in the consecrated wine. If receiving the wine from the cup, it is helpful to guide it to your lips by touching the base of the cup.

Instead of receiving communion, you may choose to receive a blessing. Simply cross your arms over your chest and the priest will know you wish to be blessed. Likewise, if you have received the bread but do not wish to consume wine, you may cross your arms over your chest and the chalice bearer will skip over you.

If I’m new, will I have to stand up and be recognized?

No. We are delighted to have visitors and will invite you to sign the guest register. If you choose to provide your phone number or email, we can contact you to thank you.

Are children welcome in church?

Children of all ages are welcome to attend the full service if they wish. We are glad to have the sounds of little ones in church. Some parents choose to sit toward toward the back and get up and walk around with the child. Others find that sitting near the front, where children can see everything, holds their attention better. Sit (or stand) where you want and know we are happy you and your children are here with us. Children of all ages are welcome to receive communion as well. 

There is a space in the entryway where children engage the lessons during the first part of the service through coloring, crafts, etc.,

Where do I park?

Saint Matthias has ample parking in front and on the sides of the church.

What if I have more questions?

If you have other questions, feel free to call the church office or just ask somebody at church.

Where Are You Located?

Saint Matthias is located near beautiful Cross Lake at

3301 St. Matthias Drive
Shreveport, LA. 71109

For a map and directions click here.